In Preparation for Island Paradise

Island Paradise is almost upon us, so time for me to make this post.


I do recommend to backup all your stuff, most importantly the DCCache folder and the Saves folder.

Most of the things stated here: What to do before patching do still apply. Installing the EP will reset all your Sims so for example not being in a vacation town orat the time, reduces the changes of game corruption. If you want to be on the safe side, also remove your mods/custom content.

Start a new game after the installation. Get a feeling for what’s new. If you want to continue with your town right away, do so on a backup so you can go back should anything go wrong.

The mods that were updated for Patch 1.55 can be used with Island Paradise (unless there’s another patch) and do not need updating again. Some of the bigger scripting mods need checking of course so if you do care a lot about your current game, remove them for the time being (backing the game up also helps). Register is not updated to handle the resorts yet and since Twallan is having away until the situation in his hometown has calmed you should remove the mod.

Should you have any lag issues after installing the patch, reset your sims with the Cheat resetsim *.

If you plan to move your family to Isla Paraiso with then new moving feature, I recommend to say no to the question you get in the beginning and use the phone instead. It seems to work better.

If you did not update to 1.55 yet, you need to go through the mod-updating thing. Other Custom Content should be fine, I’ve not heard of any cc breaking.

Registering the game

If you bought the download version through Origin, it should already be registered. Log out of site and then back in to see if it shows under registered games. The icons on are still broken but if you can download the limited edition and registration awards, it should be registered fine.

Downloading the game

For those of you that have bought the game through Origin Download and still don’t see it as downloadable, log out and back in in Origin. There might also be a waiting period since many people try to download at the same time.

Black Screen Issue

If you have the issue that all you get is a black screen after installing go to this folder [user folder]\savedSims and delete the file downloadedsims.index. The file will recreate.

If this doesn’t help, see more info here: Black Screen, long loading times and TMP files in DCCache.

The Patch

All Info about the patch can be found here: Patch 1.55. If you plan on getting the DVD, the patch on it has the version 1.54 so you will need to update again. Might be easier to get 1.55 now.

Collecting Bugs

As with all the last EPs, I’m collecting bugs in the official forum again. The thread can be found here: Island Paradise Bug Thread. It’s already quite long since I’ve been collecting since the patch came out.

Do not despair – you do not need to read the whole thread. Read the first page carefully, answer the questions in the second post and don’t repeat what is already established. If you have further info, you’re welcome to post that.

Have Fun with the EP everyone.