• Custom Content,  Error

    Installed Downloads don’t appear ingame

    Problem The Downloads I installed can’t be found anywhere in my game Solution This can have several reasons Sims3pack Files Follow instructions here: Install Sims3Packs Make sure you did not just download but also install them. Make sure the files have not uninstalled themselves again. If a creator has used package files in their creation, you won’t get those automatically. Because of this, the Sim or house you’ve downloaded from the Exchange can look different in your game. Package Files Follow instructions here: Install Package files Subfolders are only recognized if your resource file is set up to support them.…

  • Tutorial

    Troubleshooting Steps

    Introduction There are several things you can try to solve various issues. These thing will not harm your game but they don’t always help either. Always backup your user files before trying anything. Tips from MTS Here’s a few tips from the MTS Wiki you can try: Game Help:Sims 3 Game Problem Computer Maintenance On a windows PC you collect a lot of garbage over the years. Programs aren’t uninstalling properly and leave traces in your Windows Registry. Your computer’s hard disc is being fragmented when you delete stuff and you collect temp files and user files that no one ever…

  • Tools

    Delphy’s Dashboard

    Introduction ? The Dashboard by Delphy has the purpose to find corrupt package files and, if possible, fix them. The tool has 3 main purposes: Shows all downloaded package files in a certain folder. Dashboard tells you if those are corrupt (red) like the ones that cause blue lots and monster sims, Sims 2 files (iron blue), duplicates of other cc files (yellow) and files that conflicts with other you have installed (ochre) Shows info on the cache files and gives you a simple way to delete them (File – View – Cache Info) Shows you which version of the game…

  • Incompatible Mods

    Social Interactions are missing

    Problem When I click on a Sim to interact with him there’s only the option mean or no options at all. Cause This problem is caused by incompatible Mods/Hacks that change anything about the social interactions (list not conclusive) “Ask if Single” changed to Friendly interaction (AskIfSingleIsFriendly.package) Teenage Woohoo in irgendeiner Form Same Sex Pregnancy (SameSexPregnancy.package) Autonomous WooHoo + Try for Baby (woohooOnly.package, woohoobaby.package) Autonomous Romantic Socials – TYAE – Same Sex (AutoRomanticSocials.package) In some cases, especially since Patch 1.21/1.22/GEN it’s not possible to interact with single Sims. In those cases an occurrence of an error probably fried the whole…

  • Bugs

    Missing Texture

    Problem Instead of a drawing the drawing table and the sketchpad shows the text ‘Missing Texture’. Solution Delete your cache files

  • Tutorial

    Delete Cache files

    Introduction To be able to load faster, the games stores data in so called cache files. The game checks on startup if those files are available and if so, they are loaded. If they are not available, they are created. Over time these files accumulate out-of-date data (especially if you use custom content and mods) and because of this, it’s best to delete them from time to time (just as you delete your browsers cache from time to time) Which files are those ? the files can be found in your [user data directory] and are called CasPartCache.package: CAS parts that…

  • FAQ,  Hacks & Mods


    What is a Mod/Hack ? A mod/hack is a piece of code that you put in your game as either a package file or as replacement of a EA file. A Mod/Hack changes the way your game behaves. There are four different kind of mods/hacks in Sims 3 XML/ Tuning Mods: The EA XML files are being changed to tweak a certain behavior to your liking. Since they override a file, Tuning mods always conflict with other tuning mods that change the same file. If EA changes a XML in their patching process, the mod becomes incompatible and needs to…