Troubleshooting Steps


There are several things you can try to solve various issues. These thing will not harm your game but they don’t always help either.

Always backup your user files before trying anything.

Tips from MTS

Here’s a few tips from the MTS Wiki you can try: Game Help:Sims 3 Game Problem

Computer Maintenance

On a windows PC you collect a lot of garbage over the years. Programs aren’t uninstalling properly and leave traces in your Windows Registry. Your computer’s hard disc is being fragmented when you delete stuff and you collect temp files and user files that no one ever uses any more.

Then there’s also dust that likes to collect inside your computer (especially on desktop computers). Because of this, it’s important to clean out your computer. The Internet is full of good tips. Just try your favorite search engine.

  • Open your desktop computer and clean out the dust
  • Make sure the fans on your laptop are not clogged up by dust
  • Overheating computers can do serious damage.
  • Defragment your Computer
  • Clean out your Registry with CCleaner
  • Delete temporary files with CCleaner
  • Backup your most important data on an external drive or memory stick.

Anti-virus programs & Firewalls

Both is important and protects those that use the Internet. They can on the other hand interfer with programs and block connections so that you can’t  download or install something correctly.

Because of this you should all the EA sites as exception to your program. Refer to the manual or the Internet on how to do that.

Start a new neighborhood

Save all your families and houses to the library and start in a new town. You will loose all relationships this way but you can find out if your savegame is corrupted.

By using Twallan’s Porter mod you can also export up to 30 families (or more, depending on your computer), including relationships and import it into a new neighborhood.

Strange behavior in general

  • Reset your Sim
  • Move your Sim out and back in via edit town
  • Restart the game.
  • Restart your computer