• Bugs

    Viewers in front of empty Showtime Stage

    Problem My sims cheer at SimFests but there’s no one on Stage Cause This issue occurs if your town doesn’t have enough Singers, Magicians and acrobats. The game creates them but the StoryProgression mod and Overwatch removes them from the game since they are homeless. The game still does the SimFests, there’s just no one to perform. Solution Make sure that there’s inactives in Showtime careers but this bug doesn’t do anything bad other than looking weird.

  • Bugs

    Can’t get rid of Simport Entries

    Problem I have a stuck tour entry in my tour book although my Sim has been back for a while and got his stamp. This is taking up valuable space. Cause This happens if something went wrong while simporting. Solutions Method 1 End all of your gigs and make sure all your Sims are back home. Save your game (use save as and save under a new name) and go to the main menu Start a new game in Starlight Shores Choose any household to play Go to your Simport Tour Book. The entries should be gone now. It’s possible that…

  • Bugs

    Issues with Steady Gigs

    Problem I can’t cancel my steady gigs I don’t get a message or map tag for a steady gig that is supposed to take place My Sim is supposed to have a steady gig but I can’t get an option to set up the stage. Cause The main reason for all kinds of issues with the steady gigs are the proprietors that change all the time. A steady gig is not bound to a venue but to a proprietor. Because of this the entry for the steady gig is not disappearing from your  list but it’s not valid either. Another…

  • Bugs

    Wrong or No SimPort stamp

    Problem After sending my Sim through SimPort, I got the wrong stamp After sending my Sim through SimPort, I got no stamp at all. Cause The Simmer that asks to Simport defines what kind of Stamp you’ll get. Because of this, it can happen that you only get a level 5 stamp for your magician that has level 10 since the Simmer that asked needs a Stamp for Level 5 You always get the same Stamp as your partner. If you already have that one, you won’t get one. Other reasons for not getting a Stamp are problems with the…

  • Bugs

    Can’t Free Genie

    Problem I can’t fee my genie. I do have the option to make the wish (my relationship is high enough) but nothing happens. Cause To free a genie you need to do a series of opportunities. Because of that the slot for special opportunities needs to be empty. Solution Fulfill any open special opportunities or get rid of them.

  • Error

    Failed to book tour

    Problem When trying to use SimPort, I get the following error: Failed to Book Tour. Please try again.  Cause You get this message if there’s a problem connecting to the server on sending a Sim on tour. Your Sim can’t be uploaded, if your computer can’t communicate with the server. The connection can also time out, if your Sim has a lot of Custom Content, inventory items or memories. Solution Make sure you have an active Internet connection and that your connection to the EA-Servers isn’t blocked by your firewall and Anti-Virus-Program Try to reduce memories and CC and place some…

  • Fixed

    Showtime Objects and Singer have no Sound

    Problem The new objects like the Karaoke Machine and the DJ Booth can only be heard from time to time or not at all I can’t hear my Sim sing The songs my Sim sings change in loudness and disappear completely Cause Unknown Solution Make sure you have the newest drivers for your sound and graphic card. Make sure to go to your computer manufacturer to get drivers there. Not all drivers are compatible with every Computer Change the ingame setting Restart the game Delete the Cache Files Change to Buy/Build mode and back to life mode Further Reading If…

  • News

    Showtime, a patch and my page

    Showtime is just around the corner with many changes that you probably know more about than me. Showtime and the upcoming patch will bring us new social features that affect the game as well as the  my page on the  official Webseite. You can check the January News on the official page to see what they are in detail. My Page EA has announced extensive maintenance for Monday and after they said on the Showtime Chat that the changes to my page will come next week, it’s not too far fetched to think that we will get the new page…