Showtime Objects and Singer have no Sound


  • The new objects like the Karaoke Machine and the DJ Booth can only be heard from time to time or not at all
  • I can’t hear my Sim sing
  • The songs my Sim sings change in loudness and disappear completely


  • Unknown


  • Make sure you have the newest drivers for your sound and graphic card. Make sure to go to your computer manufacturer to get drivers there. Not all drivers are compatible with every Computer
  • Change the ingame setting
  • Restart the game
  • Delete the Cache Files
  • Change to Buy/Build mode and back to life mode

Further Reading

If you need help on the issue, go here (UK Simmer make sure your official forum settings point to US – English): ‘No Sound Bug’ Troubleshooting Assistance: What We Know And What Can Be Done About It