Can’t get rid of Simport Entries


I have a stuck tour entry in my tour book although my Sim has been back for a while and got his stamp. This is taking up valuable space.


This happens if something went wrong while simporting.


Method 1

  • End all of your gigs and make sure all your Sims are back home.
  • Save your game (use save as¬†and save under a new name) and go to the main menu
  • Start a new game in Starlight Shores
  • Choose any household to play
  • Go to your Simport Tour Book. The entries should be gone now. It’s possible that you have to click on the boxes to remove the Sims.
  • Close the game (you don’t need to save and go back to your other game (the one you saved under a new name)
  • The boxes should now be empty.

Method 2

  • Go to Edit Town
  • Choose a household which qualifies for Simporting (at least two members, one Sim has a Showtime Career)
  • Open your SimPort Tour book and cancel the tour for every Sim that is still waiting for their review. This should get rid of the wrong entires and you can use SimPort again.