• Bugs

    Objects disappear from Inventory

    Problem Things disappear from my Inventory when I change the active household I’m missing stuff (have extra stuff) when I come back from University/Traveling/the Future Cause This is not a bug but EA wanted this to be this way. There’s a daily routing that cleans out the inventory and all inactive fridges. Since the travel system is very unstable, it can happen that stuff disappears (or appears) from your inventory after traveling. Solution EA has changed the routine. This should not happen anymore. There are still a few objects that get cleaned out this way. Leave everything you don’t need…

  • FAQ

    Tips & Tricks

    Are there things I should keep in mind ? Save your game on a regular basis. Use different save game names so you can go back more than one save game. Twallan’s Saver helps you with save prompts in certain intervals that you can choose yourself. The mods saves in cycles by adding a number to your savegame name and then overwrite the first one. Backup your user files on a regular basis Do not keep the Cheat BuyDebug activated when you go traveling (vacation towns, University, Future) Special Seeds seem to be the cause of many bugs. If you notice…

  • Bugs

    Play Online on console missing

    Problem Although my Sim has the required nerd level, the interaction play online on the video game console is not working Cause Unclear Solution Click on the TV instead of the console and it should work again

  • Fixed

    Sim learn skills insanely fast

    Problem My Sim only just started learning a new skill and has already maxed it out within a day. Cause The cause of this is a change EA had to make in the skill manager because of the new protest system. Protest can add a Increased Understanding moodlet to your Sim and while you have this, they learn faster. To make sure this skill gain is retained when you save and reload your game, EA had make a change in the skill manager and … messed up. They changed a field that is responsible for the skill gaining when your Sim has…

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    Precautions for University Life

    Introduction After a week of doing the Bug Thread at the official Sims 3 forum, I have to say that UL has some major bugs that make the game unplayable for many. I did fear this could happen, since EA did recycle their fault WA code. There are more reasons for the problems many are facing but a few were identified by now What precautions should you take ? Especially if you have a savegame that you have been playing forever, you should make a backup before installing UL or at least before you go to university for the first…

  • Bugs

    Smartphone won’t stop ringing

    Problem My Sims smartphone won’t stop ringing. There is no incoming call to answer Cause Unclear. Probably a stuck sound Solution The Ringing should stop once you get a real call (but you can’t trigger that) Move Sim out and back in via Edit Town (won’t work at University) Silence the phone and then unsilence. Restart the game (maybe even delete the cache files) Change world by either going to/from Uni or going traveling Mods that help with the issue Reset the Sim with MasterController (not cheat) Reset the phone with MasterController or DebugEnabler

  • Fixed

    Stuck Bills after returning from University

    Problem My Sim has several bills stuck in his inventory and I can’t do anything with them Cause The cause of this are love letters that your Sim got at University but were left in the mailbox upon returning to the home world. They turn into bills if the Sim that wrote them is no longer available (which is likely if the letters were from someone at University). How to prevent First thing you do when you get the message that your Sim will be going home in one hour is go back to your home and empty the mailbox.…

  • Incompatible Mods

    Bugs in University Life caused by Mods

    The following issues are caused by mods. This list does not contain all mod caused errors. There could be more. Make sure your mods are updated. Scripting Mods need to be verified by the creator. Remove your mods folder and delete your cache files to fix. No Class schedule No Social Groups –> Caused by a skilling mods (could be others too) New Movie options don’t show up –> Moar Interactions New Parties are missing from List –> MasterController V 109 and older Resetting on sending Sim to the welcome meeting and other reset issues –> ErrorTrap V74 and older Roommates…

  • Fixed

    Smartphone photos don’t transfer to homeworld

    Problem My Sim took some awesome photos at University but when I returned home, they were all gone Cause Traveling (probably also to and from vacation worlds) erases the photos from the Smart phone Solution Put them from the camera into your inventory prior to traveling home.