Incompatible Mods

Bugs in University Life caused by Mods

The following issues are caused by mods. This list does not contain all mod caused errors. There could be more. Make sure your mods are updated. Scripting Mods need to be verified by the creator.

Remove your mods folder and delete your cache files to fix.

  • No Class schedule
  • No Social Groups –> Caused by a skilling mods (could be others too)
  • New Movie options don’t show up –>¬†Moar Interactions
  • New Parties are missing from List –> MasterController V 109 and older
  • Resetting on sending Sim to the welcome meeting and other reset issues –> ErrorTrap V74 and older
  • Roommates show up in the PortraitPanel –> PortraitPanel V30 and older
  • Sims are not able to go to class –> Caused if a Sim is hard-reset by either MasterController, Overwatch or ErrorTrap.
  • Sims arrive at University with no skills –> Traveler V56 and older