Patch 1.21/1.22 Features

Update 03.06.2011

The EP patches were just posted at According to them (and a guru on twitter) you don’t really need them if you have the disk version. It’s supposed to solve some troubles generated by patch 1.22 to the digital game versions, It’s mainly for users that don’t have generations.


If you are on a PC, it seems there are no patches for the EPs this time. Just the base game will update to 1.22. The rest will stay on the level you had before.

For those that are using the Patch Downloader to patch their game, it has been updated and you will need to redownload the newest version.

The manual patch can be found here

Patch 1.22

DVD Version US
DVD Version Europe
Digitale Version

The patch has the following new features:

  • Body Hair
  • Memories
    • Inactives have memories but without pics.
    • You can have positive, negative and neutral memories
    • Memories that you take or that are made when you focus on the Sim will have a pic. Others don’t
    • You can upload your memories to your sims 3 profile or facebook and get some neat rewards.
    • You get a message for every memory you make. These messages can be turned off in your options. The memory system itself can’t
    • You get bigger and smaller pictures in your album
    • The system records many useless memories but you can delete them as you like.
    •  You can have up to 400 memories in your album.
  • Dates
  • Age sliders –> Ability to set the length of each age group individually.
  • New cheat: Edit in CAS (with testingcheats)
  • Filter for LTR
  • Filter in build/buy mode (not CAS)
  • New tab for the spiral staircases (but empty)
  • Reputation system
  • 2 new LTW:  Clean Slate & Above Reproach