Infinite Baby Loop


  1. My pregnant Sim is stuck in a infinite baby loop. I already have x babies but I keep getting a prompt to name more. I can see the actual babies
  2. My Sim got pregnant in Oasis Landing and now I can’t travel back until the Sim has her baby but when the time comes, the Sims gets stuck in the baby loop.


This bug has been around since the base game came out but it seems as many others this has gotten worse with GEN. The cause is probably an unhandled error that occurs at the same time that the baby is born that simply resets the process. This error is reproducible and even reloading of the game does not get rid of the glitch


  1. Reset sim does not help in this case but some people have found that switching active families and have the baby born as an inactive solves the problem for them. Make sure to NOT save the game before you quit.

    For some the loop stops by itself after many many babies.

  2. Delete your sim with the cheat moveObjects on. Then travel back with the remainder of your Sims. You should then have your Sim back in the present time. Do save your game under a new name before attempting in case anything goes wrong. If you have only one Sim in your household, try buying a Plumbot and travel back with that (untested)

Mods that help with the problem

  • MasterController has an option to terminate the pregnancy before hand and/or get rid of the extra babies