Sim can’t fish


  1. crinbugfree32x32My Sim can’t fish. There’s no option for it.
  2. My Sim can’t fish with bait anymore


Problem 1

This is caused by unknown seeds in your inventory.

Problem 2

Might be caused by bait that is not in your inventory anymore. If you fished with a certain bait and now you don’t have that bait anymore that can make the option disappear.

With Patch 1.26 they seem to have changed some stuff but forgot to take out some coding in a tuning file. This is causing this error and unfortunately, Mods seem the only solution for this.

There might be other causes to this, outdated mods being one of them.


  • Remove all unknown seeds from your inventory
  • Make sure to finish all adventures that involve fishing before returning home
  • Make sure to always have the last bait you fished with still in your inventory.
  • Replace the fish spawners (BuyDebug Menu)

Mods that solve the problem

  • Overwatch, V41 or newer fixes this issue with bait-fishing.