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EA Worlds corrected


Some of the EA worlds have really bad routing errors which leads to stuck Sims and lagging games. China, Islo Paradiso and Bridgeport are the most prominent.

ellacharm3d from MTS has edited most of these worlds and fixed many errors. Explanations what was changed can be found here:  Game Help:World Routing Lags or in her blog: ellacharmed


Those edited worlds overwrite the original world files which come with the base game/add-ons. It’s very important to backup the original files before you overwrite them!!

Make sure to read instructions in the place where you download since they may differ a bit depending on the world.

  • Backup all your save games and user data before you apply the changes
  • Most of the downloads consist of more than one downloaded file. Download ALL parts first then remove MTS_ellacharm3d__ from the file name. Right-click on the file called part01 to extract as always. The rest of the process is automatic.
  • You’ll end up with ONE extracted world-file with the extension .world.
  • Now go to the corresponding folder (see below) and rename the original file to .world.orig.
  • Copy the new file in that folder.
  • Delete your cache files.
This file does not go in your mods folder and is not installed through the launcher. It replaces a original game file. You MUST backup that file and your user data


Make sure to restore the original file before patching
  • Rename the modified file to .world.fixed and remove the .orig from the Original file.
  • Delete your cache files.

The corrected worlds

MTS has two different kinds of uploads

  • Resources for .world’s various Fixes
  • .world with Routing Fixes applied

The second ones is what interests you. The first ones are for tested and need work in CAW/S3pe. Links only lead to the .world ones. The posts should have pictures of all the fixed applied.

Links to the corrected Worlds

Base Game and Add-Ons

Store Worlds

Path: [user data directory]\The Sims 3\Installed Worlds