Windows 10 and SecuRom


There’s much talk about Windows 10 and SecuRom Games cause Windows 10 doesn’t allow SecuRom Games to run. More Details about it can for example be found here: How to play SafeDisc and Securom DRM games in Windows 10: Get Mass Effect, Bioshock, and GTA 3 working on your Windows 10 PC.

It’s important to know, that this only affects the disc version of SecuRom games, not the download version (even if they have SecuRom). Because of this, Sims 3 is not affected. Sims 3 does not have SecuRom on the discs, only on the download version. The Sims 2 disc do have SecuRom, starting with the the Bon Voyage expansion pack so these discs won’t work with Windows 10.

EA did release the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection which was free at the time and now might still be obtainable through Customer Support if you own at least one Sims 2 game. That should run with Windows 10. It also does have SecuRom, same as Sims 3 download but since it’s the download version, it should work.

Exception: Skylake Processor

Unfortunately, there’s always an exception to the rule. If you own a computer with an Intel Skylake Processor, you might run into this message:

A required security module cannot be activated. This program cannot be executed (8016).

Fortunately, most manufactures have already reacted to this and have published a BIOS Update which you will need to install. You need to find out your model and then download the correct update

Please read instructions carefully. If you’re unsure, get someone to help you out. A BIOS update is for advanced users.

Version 1.69 of Sims 3 has been completely stripped of SecuRom. Make sure to update if you still have issues.