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    New Feature – Featured Sets

    What’s it about Patch 1.36 brings us a new Store-Set Feature. What looks like more ingame store advertisement at first glance is actually a nifty new feature – a collection folder for your Store Sets. Ingame Store enabled If you play your game with the Ingame Store enabled, the new feature hast two purposes Advertisement for Store Sets which you can buy directly in game. According to EA they will have sets on sale here that are not on sale on the page. Store Sets you own as collections (see below) Ingame Store disabled If you play with the Ingame…

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    Exchange – All files corrupt

    08.02.2014 The current status is that many items get corrupted if yo use save as to download. They can’t be installed in the game and Custard shows them as corrupt. Items are ok if you use add to game instead. The items are not added automatically to your game anymore unless you have the game running or if you are installing something else while downloading. Maintenance seems to have corrupted all (or most) files in the Exchange. Don’t use it for the moment. Old and new files are affected. DO NOT DELETE YOUR STUFF! EA Should be able to fix…

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    Mystery Bag Items

    When buying Simpoint Bundles in the EA Store, you get a mystery item for free. Trouble is, since they are a mystery, you have no clue what you get. maria_loves_alex over at the official forums has started a thread to collect information, what you will get with what bundle. This info might contain errors at this point. The bundles listed are always the minimum bundle you need to get. You can get those items with higher bundles as well. To ensure you get the most items without having to buy way to many points, buy the cheaper bundles first and…

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    Store Content Patch, V 1.1 available

    There’s a new Store Content Patch. To trigger, open the launcher and choose the download tab. That should download it. Afterwards you have a file ContentPatch.package in the folder ContentPatch in documents. It’s 179 kb in size. Restart the launcher/game afterwards Removing CC and mods are not necessary in my opinion, but backing up your user data is always a good idea. Also make sure to remove any 3rd party Store fixes you’ve added. Changes Fixed an incompatibility issue with Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells and the Fountain of Youth. Fixed an issue where the Tree of Prosperity would occasionally…

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    Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

    Issue There’s currently another treasure hunt going on on the EA Website. You can win this set The set is new and is not available in the Store otherwise. To receive this set, you need to do the following things: Gift an item Purchase a Simpoint bundle Add an item to your wishlist Purchase a Daily Deal item Earn a Rewards Badge Add a new friend The set contains the following items Bed Living Chair Loveseat End table TV Pictures can be found here: Never Ending Honeymoon Set (Screens) FAQ Where do I find this treasure hunt ? You can find…

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    Preventing of Ingame-Store-Pictures

    Introduction Patch 1.29 extended to the ingame store. Besides the already introduced functionality, the user now sees offers for selected items directly in build/buy and CAS mode. On top of that around 250 MBs worth of pictures is downloaded to your computer without your knowledge. Luckily there is a way to prevent both from showing without having to close the Internet connection. The pictures are being loaded into the folder  [user data directory]\FeaturedItems. Make that folder read-only so the pictures can’t be written. If you don’t have that folder yet, simply create one. The ingame store should work as intended,…

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    Store and Custom Content uninstalls itself

    Problem I started my game and got a missing objects warning My launcher shows all my stuff as uninstalled Cause It seems that certain updates (Origin or the game) can break your installed content and make it uninstalled. In case of the launcher showing them as uninstalled, that might just be the launcher. Check your game if you have the stuff or not. Solutions To solve this, you probably need to reinstall all your custom content (including Store). Unfortunately this does not seem to work for everyone but I don’t have a solution if this doesn’t work. If you get…

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    Memories and the Sims 3 Store

    As it has been mentioned before, you can share the memories that you well get with Patch 1.21 and the Generations EP in Facebook and your Sims 3 profile. Once you’ve uploaded a certain amount of memories, you will get a Badge AND an object from the Sims 3 Store for free. Check your purchase history, you won’t get a message about them You can delete as many uploaded memories as you like. They still count towards the total 1 Memory 5 Memories 10 Memories 25 Memories 50 Memories 100 Memories 200 Memories Pictures of the badges can be found here: Badges

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    EA Store and Game Items

    What is the Sim Store ? The Store is part of the EA Website where you can buy extra items for your Sims. All items there are approved and created by EA employees. Are there any faulty EA objects or clothing ? Yes there are. Check the Sims 3 Store forum for current and ongoing issues Are faulty items being updated by EA ? There are so called Store Content Updates. They can be downloaded through the launcher. The majority of the faulty store items is not fixed though. Are there any free items available in the Store ? Yes…