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EA Store and Game Items

What is the Sim Store ?

The Store is part of the EA Website where you can buy extra items for your Sims. All items there are approved and created by EA employees.

Are there any faulty EA objects or clothing ?

Yes there are. Check the Sims 3 Store forum for current and ongoing issues

Are faulty items being updated by EA ?

There are so called Store Content Updates. They can be downloaded through the launcher. The majority of the faulty store items is not fixed though.

Are there any free items available in the Store ?

Yes there are. A list can be found in the official forum: Free Stuff, Sales, & Offers at the Sims 3 Store!

EA also offers some free items every weekend through the ingame store. Make sure to check them out. SimsVIP usually posts them.

What’s the difference between the Exchange and the Store ?

While the Store is a place where you can buy extra items directly from EA, the Exchange was made for the users. This is where you can upload your recolors, your houses, your Sims, your stories and more. All items there are made by users and therefore EA will take no responsibility for everything that’s available there.

You waiver all rights for your stuff to EA by uploading it to the Exchange. It’s theirs to do with it whatever they please (so it says in the TOS). Items in the Exchange are culled periodically whenever there are not enough downloads/recommendations.

Can I redownload my stuff I bought at the Store ?

Yes, you can. All items you buy can be redownloaded through your purchase history.

Unfortunately the items sometimes show up multiple times and you can’t distinguish between bought and gifted

Can I find in-game pictures of the Store and game items somewhere ?

Yes, refer to these pages: The Simalogue or SimsVIP

What is premium content ?

Sometimes when installing you get a message that you need to install the associated premium content. Premium content is stuff from the store and add-on that the creator used to make the recolor they uploaded to the exchange. More info can be found here: I get a ‘Premium Content’ error message when I try to download from The Exchange.

There is also premium content in the Store. Those are items you can buy that have added gameplay. The two have nothing to do with each other.

What’s the Daily Deal ?

During the Daily Deal you can buy stuff usually half price. Sometimes it’s a little more but there can be real bargains in there. It changes every day and contains one thing you can find in the store (items, clothing or even a set). The only have a set number they are giving away and once that number is reached, the deal expires. It expires after one day if not all available are bought. There are shorted deals and sometimes they are messed-up. Daily Deals’ can’t be gifted anymore.

EA also offers weekly deals through through the Sales page.

Can I get free Simpoints somewhere ?

Since April 2013 EA runs a campaign with sponsors where you can get a set amount of points. everyday. Read all about it here: Looking for an opportunity to earn bonus SimPoints? You need to be in the US for this to work.

How can I get my Store Issues resolved ?

If you have been doubled charged or the items don’t show up in your purchase history, you need to contact Customer Support to get it sorted.