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Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt


There’s currently another treasure hunt going on on the EA Website. You can win this set

The set is new and is not available in the Store otherwise.

To receive this set, you need to do the following things:

  • Gift an item
  • Purchase a Simpoint bundle
  • Add an item to your wishlist
  • Purchase a Daily Deal item
  • Earn a Rewards Badge
  • Add a new friend

The set contains the following items

  • Bed
  • Living Chair
  • Loveseat
  • End table
  • TV

Pictures can be found here: Never Ending Honeymoon Set (Screens)


Where do I find this treasure hunt ?

You can find the treasure hunt here: Treasure Hunt. To see your own treasure hunt page, click on Edit Profile. You will then see the treasure hunt link on the left hand side.

 I only get the Oops-Page. What do I do ?

The page shows you what you have achieved. Fortunately even though the page doens’t show, everything you do is being registered. Only downside is that you need to keep track on what you did yourself.

All I see is No Treasure Hunts are currently running at this time

This is different from the Oops-page and concerns certain countries (Holland, Philippines, Mexico, ..). Obviously the stuff you do is NOT being counted. Before you start doing the hunt, change your country to US

Go to Edit Profile and you should be able to change the country there.

There is no conformation that this will work to get the set as of yet but stuff starts being recognized. It might not be possible to buy simpoints if you country differs from your actual country. It might work to simply change the language to your correct country to buy the points, leaving the profile country on US.

How do I get a rewards badge ?

This task is quite easy to achieve (although it doens’t seem so). If you buy a Simpoint bundle, you get a mystery items to go with that. If you are lucky, you get the mystery bag badge, which counts towards this achievement. It doesn’t matter if you already have that badge, you can get it multiple times.

Other options are to upload memories, make some friends on the forums, get some recommendations for your creations or blog 50 times. If you already have those, you can’t use that though.

I already have all the Daily Deals. What do I do now ?

This is a big issue. Everyone that owns a lot from the Store will probably not be able to complete this task. Unfortunatly gifting the Daily Deal only counts as gifting someone, not as buying the Daily Deal.

You can only hope that the Daily Deal in the coming days is something you either bought the Superset from (or the subsets) or single items – if you don’t mind spending points on the same things twice that is.

Hopefully they will change this for the next treasure hunt

I’ve accepted someone as a friend. Why doesn’t that count ?

You have to send out the friend request and have someone else accept it. Doesn’t register if you do it the other way round.

Which ways to pay are valid ?

Credit card and paypal work fine, so do Cash Cards (thank you to Tig Magick for that info). Not working are paysafe cards or buying with your mobile phone.

Does everyone get the set ?

Yes, everyone that completes the tasks will get the set. The description is not very accurate.

I did everything I was supposed to. Where can I find my set ?

You can download the set from your purchase history. If you don’t see it there, press the green Redeem button on your treasure hunt profile page. If you only see the Oops-Page there, you need to contact Customer Support.

One Comment

  • Tig Magick

    Just to let you all know I tryed a cash card and it works for the simpoint bundle req.
    I’m sending you a FR on the sims 3 forum (same name on there) b/c I missed seeing that earlier strange!