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Exchange – All files corrupt


The current status is that many items get corrupted if yo use save as to download. They can’t be installed in the game and Custard shows them as corrupt. Items are ok if you use add to game instead. The items are not added automatically to your game anymore unless you have the game running or if you are installing something else while downloading.

Maintenance seems to have corrupted all (or most) files in the Exchange. Don’t use it for the moment. Old and new files are affected.

DO NOT DELETE YOUR STUFF! EA Should be able to fix it. 

On top of that, all downloads only have numbers, not names.

This issue seems to only occur if you use save as. Downloading to the game directly works as intended.

Custard shows the downloads like this:

The files can’t be installed.

EA is aware and working on it. If you want to contribute something, please post in this thread: All files on exchange are corrupt.