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    Problems Bridgeport has quite a few issues and if you use the Late Night features in other towns, these problems can also occur there. Non-reachable routable areas Bridgeport has two almost unreachable areas that are marked as routable terrain for Sims. Since it’s almost impossible to get there, Sims try over and over to get there. Some even success but then get stuck there cause they can’t get back. Film career audition bug A bug in the game causes NPCs to be drawn to community lots if a active Sim has an audition there. They are still drawn to it…

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    Sim needs forever to complete a task

    Problem My Sim needs about 1-2 Sim-Hours to complete any interaction. Doesn’t matter if it is changing clothing, go to work or take a shower. Cause This problem is directly related to lags in your game. The slower your game, the longer the Sims need to complete an interaction. The problem most often occurs on Computers with low RAM. Further Reading Sims in Slow Motion Lags & Intermittent Freezes

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    Lags in Islo Paradiso

    Problem The world that comes with Island Paradise, Islo Paradiso, is very laggy. I don’t have as many issues in any other world. Cause Islo Paradiso is probably the biggest world from EA and is very heavy on the performance. The world is big and on top of that, it has a whole routable ocean where every bit is accessible. On top of that the world has many routing issues and other problems that can lead to lags on the most high-end PCs. Workarounds Next to the general tips you can find here: Lags & Intermittent Freezes, there are a few…

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    Sims in Slow Motion

    Problem My sims move in slow motion and the clock stops from time to time only to skip forward in time later. Cause An alarm that is firing over and over causes the whole game to come to a halt and prevents it from running smoothly. Identified Sources for those are: Tree of Prosperity: It does not matter if you actually use the tree in your savegame. It fires a faulty alarm over and over. Solution Uninstall the tree of prosperity. Affected save games should be back to normal afterwards. If you can’t find the tree in your launcher, re-download…

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    Interactive Loading Screen

    Introduction This feature was introduced with patch 1.63. The interactive loading screen gives you the possibilty to play a little game while you wait for your game to load. Your active family get lifetime reward points this way which will then be equally split among all members. Turning off You can turn the interactive loading screen off in your options. Next time you load your game, the screen will be back to normal. Issues Unfortunatley this can lead to longer loading times and some people have even reported it to be responsible for lags ingame. If you experience lags, it’s…

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    Lags in China

    Problem My game is severely lagging in China. I can hardly play. It’s worse at night Cause Like Bridgeport, China has some severe routing problems. There are places where Sims get stuck a lot, causing these lags to happen. More information about this can be found here Game Help:World Routing Lags Possible lead on the Hot Springs Lag Problem… EP1: World Adventures – Weird freezing in China after generations install The most problematic lots are Dragon Springs Hot Springs Solution Reset your sims. This has the disadvantage that your active Sim will be reset too Reset the problematic lots. You…

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    Combine Package Files to reduce Lag

    Introduction A lot of package files lag your game and you will end up having very long loading times. The game does not seem to care that much how large the files are but does care about the number of files. Procedure Package files can be combined manually or by using a tool. Manually There is a method to combine them, instructions can be found here: Tutorial – Combining Packages to Ease Lag and Load Time or here: How to Merge CC Files to Decrease Lag and Make the Game run faster Guide Using CC Magic For a while now…

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    Lags & Intermittent Freezes

    Problem Although trees and stuff is still moving, my Sims seem to be frozen The lags are terrible. The game is jerky Cause Make sure your computer fulfills the requirements. I think the minimum requirement for this game are way to low so if yo are even lower than that, that is probably where your problem lies. Stuck or frozen Sims Stuck cars and bikes Tons of cars in the streets and the inventories of inactive Sim. These are temporary items that don’t get cleaned up properly. Tons of limousines that populate the streets Crowd gatherings that never dissolve. Tons…

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    Long Loading Times

    Problem It takes forever until my game is loaded Cause In most cases this is due to many or faulty .package files. If you have tons of them, they can slow down your game and the loading times. Also make sure that there isn’t a Sims 2 package file amongst your Sims 3 files. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what game they are for. Long played save games with large houses can result in long loading times as well. Especially relationships can bloat your game. Your Computer also has a great deal to do with this. If your game hangs…

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    Frozen & Stuck Sims

    Problem My Sim is frozen and doesn’t move anymore Cause Frozen Sims are pretty common since LN came out and their source is unclear which makes this problem very hard to pinpoint a cause or even find a solution for this. I’m trying to list a few anyway. Incompatible Mods/CC–> Could be a cause. Remove them all to make sure, it’s not the cause A stuck sim causes another sim that wants to interact with him to be frozen as well. Sim is stuck in an object (especially bed) Bridgeport has two places in the hill behind the hospital where…