Bugs,  Incompatible Mods

Long Loading Times


It takes forever until my game is loaded


In most cases this is due to many or faulty .package files. If you have tons of them, they can slow down your game and the loading times. Also make sure that there isn’t a Sims 2 package file amongst your Sims 3 files. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what game they are for.

Long played save games with large houses can result in long loading times as well. Especially relationships can bloat your game.

Your Computer also has a great deal to do with this.

If your game hangs completely on loading, it’s often an incompatible mod or a corruption with your installation or user files.


Mods, that can help with the issue

  • Use Twallan’s Porter to pack your families and move to a new town (relationships with all packed families stay intact)
  • Use Twallan’s ErrorTrap to clean out your save game.

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