Bad CC

Arezzo Bathroom CounterRight


The Arezzo Bathroom CounterRight has the disadvantage to stuck to every Sim/Household/House you upload and has inflicted the Exchange and many fansites by now.

The creator of the counter has removed the it from her section and has made a new version that has no issues and can be used: Arezzo Bathroom CounterLeft.

I don’t know of any other issues with the counter other than uploading with everything. If anyone has different experiences, let me know.

Always check you downloads with Custard before installing (and uploads for that matter).


There’s no way to distinguish between the good and the bad version in the launcher. Only the file in DCBackup fives you an indication on which one you have. If you downloaded from the creator, you should be ok cause she reacted pretty quickly.

In game the counter appears twice for both versions since you the whole counter contains a left and a right part. There’s only one object in the launcher itself.


Bad Version

  • DCBackup File: 0xee20737c7dc80e00dec6ef0b2c262a36.package
  • Name in the Launcher: Arezzo Bathroom CounterRight


Good Version

  • DCBackup File: 0x7a4ca0ceef410e0164a4e414f5992595.package
  • Name in the Launcher: Arezzo Bathroom CounterRight


You can uninstall both versions through the launcher with no issue. See this for details: How to get rid of unwanted Custom Content


A curious phenomenon with this counter can be seen in CAS. If you have the bad version, you will see a Store Icon for no facial hair


I do not believe that this has any negative influence but it will give you an indication that you have the counter in your game.

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