Sims 3, the Help Blog and the Future

Update 02/18/2014

I’m done combing through my blog, I’ve translated a lot of posts the past few days, spamming twitter and my subscribers. I think I have everything but if I need something more for my work over at AnswerHQ there could be another post.

Maybe EA surprises us too. There is still the Store and maybe we get some new issues with that.

Still not sure if there will be any posts on Sims 4. ATM there’s only (no) news and news are pretty much covered at the news sites. Not my focus.

Next to the usual suspects there’s a very good newer site that has all infos on Sims 4. If you don’t know the site yet, check it out: Honeywell’s Sims 4 News

You’re still welcome to comment on this post and if you feel there’s something important missing, let me know.

Happy Simming everyone

Dear Blog readers

I wanted to inform you all how I’m going to continue in the future.

I strongly believe that Tuesday’s Patch 1.66 was the last patch we will get for Sims 3. Because of this, there won’t be any new issues to blog about (This is purely an assumption on my part that has not be confirmed by EA in any way. Should EA give us another patch, I will of course inform).

I will use the coming weeks to go through all my blog posts and make sure the info is current. Of course there’s still old problems in here that I won’t delete. Some of them might be fixed, I’m not sure on all of them. I did mark the solved ones accordingly. There are also a few posts I still like to make before I leave this blog as-is (see below). I’m also working with the folks on NRaas to see if there’s anything there that I need to add.

There’s no need to start backing up posts and stuff. I will neither be deleting this blog nor changing the domain.  This blog is a reference for everyone that still enjoys playing Sims 3.

I will leave the the guest book open for the moment but it will be closed in the near future

Store Browser

I will continue to upload updated Store Browser Data. At this point, I’m unsure if there will be a new version of the program itself.  Owning the Store, I’m not using it anymore myself and since it was done as a project for something I wanted, there might not be any further updates.


I would like to add the following posts in the near future

  • Tutorials for installing the game and registering (reinstall, Origin, etc.) – Done
  • Problems with the toddler store stuff (yes, I’m aware that was fixed with 1.66 but I still like to do a post for those that don’t want to update.– Done
  • SocialJig Problem– Done
  • Several  Issues that I have never translated from the German blog– Done
  • (LeftCounter Problem)– Done

Sims 3 Help

Still glad to help you with your issues on EA’s AnswerHQ and on Twitter. Not sure how active I’ll be on my MyPage or other forums.

Sims 4

I have not made a decision on Sims 4. I’ll probably buy it but at this point it’s unclear if I go beyond giving it a try on a old test PC that already has Origin installed anyways. Should I be caught by the game, I will make a blog for Sims 4, if not, I’ll move on.


I will leave comments open on this post in case someone is missing a post for a problem. Let me know. Please.

I wish everyone a lot of fun with Sims 3 and of course as few problems as possible.