Patch 1.69

Update 01/05/2016

Today we get yet another small patch. It’s to make sure CAW is working again. This update has also stripped the download versions of the EPs/SPs of SecuRom. This means that you will need to update to 1.69, should you want to install the EPs through Origin.

If you want to stay at 1.67, you need the pre-Sept 2002 disc version and all expansions on disc.

If you update to 1.69, please update your game again and use the 1.69 version of CAW posted her: CAW

If you decided to stay at 1.67, you don’t need to do anything. Do NOT download this new CAW version or it could mess up your worlds.

Please also see more information in this thread: Update to Sims 3 + CAW.

EA/Maxis has updated the tool page and both versions are available to download. Make sure you download the right one.

The whole purpose of this patch is to make the game more compatible with Origin and to add a new feature: Expansion and Stuff Pack Manager. There are no changes to the game code itself.

This patch is offered through Origin and not the launcher so if you don’t have Origin, it won’t be offered to you. It’s also not for Mac and not for the Steam Version.

If you don’t want to update, make sure to turn off automatic updates in Origin. This patch is optional and it’s your choice if you want to install it or not. There are consequences for the download version which I have described in the other post linked above.

Please take the necessary precautions before patching anyways: What to do before patching.

Patch Notes

There are no patch notes


All core mods need updating because of the version number change. Core mods will throw an Unofficial Game Modification error but the message can be bypassed.

ErrorTrap is in testing.

There are no other changes to the code hence all other mods will continue to function properly.

Patch Downloader

Not needed since it’s a patch through Origin.

Patch Links

There are no manual links for this patch. If you don’t want to update to 1.69 make sure you keep a copy of the 1.67 super patch for safe-keeping.


CAW currently has an issue and doesn’t work with this patch level. Because of the new Origin-tie-in it’s possible that EIG will stop working altogether like it does for the newer base game versions.

CAW has been update. See above. I do not know yet what the take on EIG is.

If you don’t want to update, make sure you download the current CAW for safe-keeping

Further Reading

More details on this patch and the consequences can be found in this post: Expansion and Stuff Pack Manager