Sim is running / sneaking everywhere


  • My sim now runs everywhere, even in the house
  • My private eye Sim doesn’t stop sneaking
  • After swimming my Sim still does the swimming movements
  • My teens can’t stop sneaking after being grounded.


Sims tend to get stuck in their walk styles. If they played catch for example they won’t stop running after that, that can also happen to a firefighter. Private eyes and teens get stuck in the sneaking mode

It also seems that EA has shortened the distance after which a Sim will start running to his target point. So now Sims run even if only a short distance is to be covered. They won’t run in the house with this though.


  • Have the Sim walk a short distance but choose walk instead of automatic. That should get the Sim back to normal, until he does it again.
  • Have your Sim move out and back in
  • Prevent the Sims from playing catch or sneaking out of the house

Mods that help with the issue