Sims missing from the portrait panel


  • My Sim is not shown in the portrait panel anymore. All I see is a green square
  • My Sim is not shown in the portrait panel anymore at all.


  • Sim Corruption probably caused by two Sims with the same ID running around town. This can happen when Sims either occur in the relationship panel twice (double relationships) or if they return with clones from the vacation.


  • Try changing the active family to something else and then back
  • Move the family out and back in via edit town
  • Load a Backup
  • Move the family to a new town

Mods, that help with the issue

  • Overwatch and ErrorTrap are probably both essential in solving this issue. ErrorTrap can clean up the errors that lead to the problem in the first place and Overwatch can help prevent them again. If ErrorTrap does not recover your corrupt Sims completely you should try reset lot or reset everything on MasterController
em070, Picture: Shino

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