Bugs,  Incompatible Mods

Sims reset / jump out of actions


  • My Sim wants to do some interaction but shortly after he stands behind/in front of the object without doing the action
  • My Sim was at work but now he’s suddenly back home
  • My Sim interacted with another Sim but after completion of the action he teleported several feet away.


  • Incompatible Mods
  • Corrupt Object
  • A reset order was either given manually or by the game. This can happen if the game errors out. Depending on when the reset happens they can have more or less severe consequences
  • ErrorTrap can cause resets but that is not because of an error caused by ErrorTrap but because ErrorTrap caught an error that would otherwise have gone unnoticed for the moment which can lead to problems later in the game.

Known actions that can cause a reset


  • Remove all incompatible mods/hacks from your game
  • Replace corrupt objects with new ones
  • Most resets don’t have bad consequences. They are just annoying.
  • If the reset corrupted your Sim, moving out and back in might solve the problem. Otherwise moving your family to a new town, might be your only option.

Mods that help with the issue

  • Reset everthing or Reset Lot on MasterController might be able to fix the Sim
  • Overwatch has mechanisms in place that prevents certain scriptErrors that corrupt your sims, like for example the so called TestBrawlError
  • ErrorTrap can clean up most corruptions or you can post any ScriptErrors that you get in Twallan’s forum and he might be able to help you.
  • Porter helps to move whole neighborhoods to a new town, retaining the relationships.

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