Patch 1.26/1.27

Please post and refer to my Bug Thread in the official forum for details: Pets Bug Thread – Please post your issues here.

If you have troubles installing the patch, get the manual one here:  Patch 1.26/1.27 and make sure your Origin is up-to-date.

To do that, start Origin and see if there’s an update. The current version is: – 112620 (found under the little cog-wheel icon – about)

If you are not offered an update and your not at the version, uninstall Origin and get the newest version here: Origin

Known issues

  • Spiral staircases not working
  • Sims can eat dog food at the restaurant
  • CC Objects issues with Patch 1.26/1.27
  • Limited Edition: Codes for registration and Code Redemption are switch. Red Paper: Installation Code, White Paper: Code for Pet Store.

Fixed issues

  • Excavation Bug
  • Photography Bug

Not fixed

  • Car piling issue
  • Age resetting when using tattoo chair and styling station