Distorted Animals


Pets gives many players distorted animals. Graphic cards that were borderline now don’t work correctly anymore cause the requirements changed. The following issues can occur

Distorted Animals with Lines
Bulky Eyes Transparent fur  (Shadows)
Blocky Fur Non-fluffly fur

Without pictures

  • Distorted animals in CAS
  • Temporary Distorted animals when doing certain actions.


Depending on the error you’re seeing, the cause is different

Distorted Animals with Lines

This is due to a borderline or outdated graphic card.

Make sure your card is supported (the list is not complete). If you are unsure, wait with spending money on the EP. You can play the Demo. If you have troubles there, you will also have them in the game.

Important is the Dedicated Memory. The game needs a minimum of 128 MB and that’s still bare minimum, especially if you have a lot of expansions.

The following cards are known not to work with Pets

  • Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset
  • Intel GMA 4 series
  • Nvidia GeForce 6200
  • Nvidia GeForce 6150SE
  • ATI Radeon Xpress 1250
  • Nvidia Geforce 7100 (not supported)
  • Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset

Bulky Eyes and Transparent fur  (Shadows)

Turn on advanced rendering in your game options.

 Blocky or non-fluffy fur

This problem is mostly happening for Radeon cards. It is fixed now so if you still have the issue, make sure to update your graphic drivers.

Distorted animals in CAS

This is caused by incompatible mods. Make sure you remove the mods (especially camera mods, Johna’s Toddler stand in CAS or Johna’s Replaced CAS animations – three flavors)

Temporary Distorted animals when doing certain actions

This is a bug. Some aninmations are missing and because of this the pets stretch. The same issue was/is present for some toddler and children animations. Most animations have now been fixed.

Photos: LumLotus, georgia776, CrAzY.nEkO,  melli111 & sweetieexgirlx

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