Patch 1.33

There’s another issue with the Super Patch. I don’t fully understand it yet but you want to hold out on patching: Game Help:Issues with 1.3x Superpatcher

I’m completely confused myself atm. đŸ˜†

I would advise not to reinstall anything atm. Just play and have fun. If you are at 1.31/1.32 it does not really matter if you patch to 1.33 or not since the issue seems to affect all 1.3x patches. If you’re still at 1.29 or lower, don’t patch.

There’s another Update, Make sure to take the necessary precautions again before you update: Showtime, a patch and my page. Core Mods need to be removed. I would also make sure that all open SimPort tours are finished before you patch.

The Manual Patches can be found here: Game Help:TS3 Patching:Patch Download/Current  (not up yet). If you are patched to 1.32 you’ll need the super patch. There is no incremental one supplied. There is an issue with this patch though (same with 1.31 and 1.32) that the collection folder for Showtime is not created. More info on the issue to follow.

Patch Downloader has not been updated yet

The Social features cannot be used anymore until you update. It doesn’t let you log in.

If you are using Twallan’s Mods, make sure to check his update status: State of the Mod. According to him, it’s a game-engine fix only so his mods (and probably most others if they were updated for 1.31) are still compatible. ErrorTrap needs an update to stop the message from appearing.

Unsure about CAW.

Patch Notes

(Source: EA)

This game update includes the following changes:

  • Some art updates
  • Stability improvements
  • Sims saved with game update 1.32 that exhibit overly dark textures can be restored to normal by editing the Sims in Create a Sim