Creating supernaturals in CAS does not stick


  1. I want to create a supernatural Sim but when I take him to the game, he’s a normal Sim
  2. My in CAS created Sim is a Genie although I did not choose him to be.


  1. Taking your Sim into CAS via  testingcheatsenabled true and Edit in CAS does not work for Supernaturals. The cheat is not updated to work correctly.
  2. Genies have always been an issue. Seems that once they are a genie, they stay one.


  1. Use the elixir to change the Sim to a supernatural

Mods that help with the problem

  • MasterController is updated to correctly create supernaturals and genies. Use  AdvancedEdit in CAS on an exiting Sim to make them a supernatural. Make sure you use V90 and above.