Money tree can’t be harvested


My Sim planted a money tree but after the initial harvest, it does not grow any further.


This issue is caused by the gatherer trait. Gatherer Sims should be getting random money tree seeds from the tree while harvesting.

Unfortunatly, EA missed to actually update the money tree itself and because of this, Sims jump when the initially harvest the tree, leaving the tree broken afterwards.


  • Change the Sims traits by either using the Life Time Reward or use testingcheatsenabled true to change it. You need to remove the gatherer trait
  • Use a Sim that does not have the trait to harvest the tree.

Trees that have stopped growing need to be replaced.

Mods that help with the issue

  • DebugEnabler allows you to restart broken trees. I tried two things so I’m unsure which fixed the tree: DEBUG: Next Growth State and Reset the object. I’m also unsure if it’s a permanent fix for the tree
  • Money Tree Bug Fix by Chicken0895 (Free registration necessary for the link to work)

Further Reading