Town overrun by Zombies


I thought we were only supposed to get Zombies on Full Moon Nights, yet I have them during the day and any other night as well


It seems this is caused when you save on a full moon.


This bug has been fixed in Patch 1.39

There is no solution to save your hood though (unless you resort to mods, see below). You will need to start a new game (or a backup if you have one prior to saving on a full moon).

Copy your family to the library and put them in a new game.

How to avoid

Avoid saving between 5PM to 8PM the night of a full moon.

Mods that help with the issue

  • Overwatch solves this issue with V71 and above
  • Overwatch WILL save your existing hood
  • Various NoZombie Mods all over the net.

Further Reading