Bad CC,  Bugs

Sims shower in cloths


When my sim takes a shower or a bath, they are wearing cloth


  • If the Sims has a certain trait like never nude, they shower with their bathing suit on.
  • A Custom Content creator has categorized the clothing for Naked. Because of this, it can happen that they wear that piece of clothing while showering/bathing
  • The filter for the clothing was deactivated by either using the Cheat Unlock outfits or MasterController.


  • Don’t have the cheat on all the time. Only turn it on if you need it, then turn it back off
  • Uninstall the faulty download
  • If the problem still exist after removing a faulty download (especially if the worn piece of clothing was created by EA), you need to reset the Sim’s clothing. To do so, choose Plan Outfit and set all clothing categories to a EA default. Let the Sim take a shower with each outfit and make sure it was properly reset.

Identification with Custard

Delphy’s Custard (oder auch Dashboard) shows this piece of clothing with Naked under Description. Don’t use those (although there are a few legit ones)

Mods that help with the issue

  • Use MasterController¬†to send the Sim to CAS in his naked stated (have him take a shower to get him there). You can then re-assign the correct naked clothing.


You can find a list here: Clothing.


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