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TheSims3.com issues

How does the myPage work ?

See MyPage at Official Site.

I can’t read my gifting or system messages

The system message issue should be fixed. Unsure about the gifting messages. If you get a Oops Page on the system messages, contact support.

Some of myGames don’t show as registered

Check Origin if they show in myGames (not true for Store Worlds). If they do, log out and back in on the website and if they still don’t show, contact Support.

If they also don’t show on Origin, make sure you’ve logged in with the right email address and you don’t have them hidden. If nothing help, contact Support.

I can’t download/install from the Exchange

Some items in the exchange are broken if you download them with Save File. Use Add to Game instead. This does not auto install the content anymore so you will also need to install it for it to show up in your game.

If you can’t download at all, make sure your game is up-to-date, clear your browser cache and/or use a different browser

I can’t upload to the Exchange

This is an ongoing issue for many. There are different causes and solutions but most of the time, it’s unclear why it’s not working.

Identified causes:

  • You can’t upload a file with the same name twice, even if you delete one. Re-export under a different name and try again
  • Don’t use special characters in your name.
  • Everyone has a quota of about 1 GB. If you exceed that quote, you can’t upload anymore. Delete some of the existing files before uploading more.
  • If your file contains custom content or even Store content (some does attach), you might see an error uploading. Remove the Custom content and try again

I can’t delete stuff from my Wishlist

Some browser like Opera can’t be used to remove stuff from the WL. Use firefox, IE or Google chrome. Also make sure to click on the little heart after you’re done removing before clicking anything else. This will reload the page and remove the stuff from your WL

I can’t download items from the Sims 3 Store

If you can’t download at all, make sure your game is up-to-date. Even though it says that patch 1.5 (which is 1.05 in fact) is needed to download, you will need the newest patch for it to work properly.

Also don’t use Opera. It doesn’t work with that.

I get Oops (Liam) Page on my studio

Most often this is because one of your uploads is corrupted (there are other reasons). Contact Support.

I’m missing Badges

Post your missing badges here. Contact Support.

I can’t seem to complete some of the achievements

Post here if you have issues with one of them and see if someone can tell you what you need to do:¬†Game achievements: Are you struggling? Don’t know if it works? Post here