The Sims 3 and Windows 8

Update 2012-11-11

There seems to be a conflict with BitDefender. So if you have problems with the game and BitDefender, uninstall it to see if the game then runs

Go to Settings – Antivirus – Active Virus Control and turn it off. 

Update 2012-11-08

To try this out, I’ve installed Windows 8 Pro 32 bit version on my old work PC, also installed the base game with nothing added. It works great so far. Have not played throughly but I could not find any new issues

The 64 bit version seems to cause more issues for users. When you click the play button, nothing happens. Cause unknown.

I opened a thread in the official forum here: Sims 3 and Windows 8 – An Analysis

In a couple days, Windows 8 will hit the shelfs and while I won’t be upgrading, I’m sure, many of you will and you all have one burning question:

Will my Sims 3 work on my new Windows 8 ?

Well, I was curious too so I asked SimGuruGraham on Twitter and you’ll all be please about his answer:

If you have the newest update (1.36), Windows 8 is fully supported.

How it all plays out, we have to see when Windows 8 is officially out.