Lists & Methods

Removing Custom Content from Sims with s3Pe

  1. Download the newest version of s3Pe
  2. Make a copy of the Sim file you want to edit
  3. Open the .sim file with s3Pe (you might need to associate the ending .sim with s3Pe). Alternatively you can use File – Open and choose All files at the bottom to make the .sim file visible.
  4. Make sure your s3Pe is set up as follows (set the check marks at the bottom as shown in the picture.
  5. Click on the TAG column to sort by TAG
  6. A .sim file should not have a CASP resource. That is the custom content that is showing in your game.
  7. Delete the CASP resources by right-clicking on them and marking them as deleted (they will then show as strike-through)
  8. Repeat for all CASP resources
  9. Hit Ctrl-S  or choose File – Save from the menu to save
  10. Move the .sim file into the savedSims folder to have it in your game (if it’s not already there)

Special Case 0x00000000

There is a resource of  type 0x00000000 which seems to be either a creeping ivy or a multi piercing. This will not show up in CAS but you will get a folder icon on the non-beard option similar to what the Arezzo Counter does (Arrezzo shows a Store icon)

To check if the Sim does have that resource, you need to open it in s3PE and check for a line with tag UNKN and type 0x00000000. You will also need to change the Preview option at the bottom to HEX to make sure it’s a DBPF and not a PNG (not sure what it does if it’s a PNG)


Once you have identified it, you can delete it the same way you removed the CASP resources.