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Store Premium content not working properly


  • The moodlet which should be applied to my Sim using the Premium content is missing
  • The Premium content is missing all Interactions
  • My Sim resets when interacting with the Premium Content.


  • There’s a file called ccmerged.pacakge inside the DCBackup folder which is installed/updated each time you install a premium content via Sims3Pack. This file contains important information about the Premium content. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE.
  • Unfortunately this file can also become corrupted over time.
  • Conflict with a third-party Store Fix
  • Maybe some trait or skill level prevents the content to work correctly.


  • Do not delete ccmerged.package
  • If you already did so, you have to reinstall all premium content.
  • Try if you have the same issues if you use a different Sim.
  • Remove (or update) any third party Store Fixes
This solutions is not for people who decrapify their Store Content

Creating a new ccmerged.package

  1. Close your game and launcher
  2. Rename the user data folder to TheSims3_Backup and start the launcher. A new user data folder is created.
  3. Copy the files of your Premium content from your backup folder to [user data folder]\Downloads or redownload them. It’s possible to download most premium content individually if you own the sets they came with
  4. Install all premium content (you can install them all in one go)
  5. Copy the file user data folder\DCBackup\ccmerged.package to a safe place where you’re sure to find it again.
  6. Delete the new user data folder
  7. Rename thesims3_Backup to TheSims3
  8. Copy the newly created file ccmerged.package that you have saved to user data folder\DCBackup\ overwriting the faulty one.
  9. Start your game and test all premium content.

Precautionary Measures

  • To prevent having to do this over and over, keep a working ccmerged.package file in a safe place. If something goes wrong, copy it back to your user data folder and install the latest premium content again.
  • Backup a new copy of the file each time you install a new premium content (only if it actually works of course
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