Game Crashes (CTD)


  • My game crashes to the desktop without a warning
  • I get the message Sims 3 has stopped working


When your game crashes, it usually leaves files (xcpt*.txt & *.mdmp) your user directory. You can analyze those with the Crash Log Analyzer by FordGT90Concept or simply delete. If the game does not write such files, the crash pinpoints to a hardware issue

Cause & Workarounds

There are many causes to this issue and so are the solutions. You can try the following suggestions. Make sure to save your game often under a different name and keep Backups of your stuff.

  • Game Help:Late Night Crash
  • Incompatible Mods: Replace with new version or remove.
  • Disable Custom Content
  • Bypass the launcher and start the game through the ts3w.exe
  • BAD CC: Crash
  • Game Help:BasementPool Crash (same probably applies for the platform tool)
  • Corrupt save games can cause crashes. Try saving your Sims to the bin and move them to a new hood.
  • Seasons has an issue with building walls and second stories to your house. The game crashes on saving. EA is working on that.
  • Server Connections Issue (SimPort, social features)
  • Play in windowed mode
  • If you have only DirectX 10 or 11 on your system, try installing DirectX 9 as well
  • For Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 Users: Right-click on the shortcut/exe file, choose properties – compatibility and change the following setting (these are translation, the actual option might be called differently)
    • Run in Windows XP (ServicePack 2) compatibility mode
    • Turn off visual design
    • Turn off desktop-design
    • Run as administrator
  • Large savegames require lots of RAM. Upgrade to a 64-bit operating system and 4-6 GB of RAM.
  • If you are using MasterController but not StoryProgression, make sure to NOT install MC Progression (that part has to do with StoryProgression)
  • Turn off all background programs
  • Defective hardware
  • clean out your computer (especially the ventilator)
  • insufficient hardware
CeeKaysSIM, SimsWiki, many other users

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