Base Game incompatible with current Expansion Pack


I get the error message: Your The Sims 3 Base Game is incompatible with the current Sims 3 Expansion Pack. Please update your game via the game launcher.

My Launcher is showing that I have Version on top of that.


Up to Patch 1.22, when patching the launcher always downloaded two patches (unless you only have the base game). If you accidentally canceled out the installation of the second patch by manually starting the launcher, you will get this error, since the Version of the base game and the one of your latest expansion pack don’t match. Always make sure you wait until both updates are done. The launcher will start back up automatically so don’t interfere. You will need to click ok on a message after the first patch, but don’t start your launcher manually.

Since Patch 1.22 this error should not be occurring anymore since there is only one patch to download but if you patched your EPs and not the base game, you can still get it.


There are several things you can try to trigger the missing update.

  • Reboot your computer and start the launcher again, see if you get the message to update.
  • Get the manual patches and patch manually. It always takes a moment until they are up, so also check other sources like the official forum, if  they are linked. Also check this forum link: Official EA Download Links for *Cumulative* Manual Updates to see if it’s updated. For the newest patches you can also check my blog.
  • Put in the base game DVD in to and see if that triggers the update message for the base game. If you are using a download version, find the launcher shortcut for the base game in your installation directory.
  • Use the Patch Downloader by FordGT90Concept for patching manually. This will also need to be updated before every patch so make sure it’s current.
  • Make sure you have the current version of Origin

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