Aging troubles


My sim is suddenly younger/older then before

  1. Using the dresser or mirror sets the age of my sim back to 0 in his age group
  2. Using the stylist / tattoo artists sets the age of my sim back to 0 in his age group
  3. In the vacations towns my sims don’t show the right age group in the relationship panel
  4. My sims aged twice within one day.
  5. My sims celebrates his birthday forever and doens’t change into the next age group
  6. My elder sims don’t want to die
  7. My sims don’t age at all
  8. Aging is frozen for certain Sims
  9. Changing the age sliders (after Patch 1.22) causes all kinds of weird aging effects
  10. Aging suddenly stops for everyone although aging is on or the other way round.
  11. For some of my sims it says: Next stage: Never


  • Regarding 1:  There is bug with the dresser / mirror / stylist / tattoo artist but if you eat ambrosia or the life fruit, the age gets reset as well (ambrosia to 0, life fruit -1 day)
  • Regarding 3:  This is only a temporary problem with the Sims that are grayed out in  vacation town. Your sims will be back to normal in your town
  • Regarding 5:  Elders can become quite old. 90 days (normal settings) is only an estimate not a set age. How ever you live your sims life, elders can live up to 120-130 days (estimate)
  • Regarding 7:  Make sure that aging is enabled in your options. If the option is disabled, no one in your neighborhood ages. Aging like in the TS2 where only your active family aged does not exist in TS3
  • If you have any troubles with the age sliders, try moving the main one all the way to short, then all the way to epic and then settle it where you want it (thanks to Trif for that). If that doesn’t help, also try the individual ones.
  • If you downloaded the Sim from the exchange, they might not age. It seems that Sims that are exported while aging set to off won’t age.

Mods that solve the problems

  • Regarding 1 & 2: Instead of the dresser/ mirror use the Stylist option on the MasterController
  • Regarding 4:  Overwatch does some clean ups every night that solve the problem
  • Regarding 7 & 10: StoryProgression allows you to have TS2 aging style. If you have the problem that no one ages despite the fact that aging is on, use reset everything on the new MasterController to get it back in working Order.
  • Regarding 8: DebugEnabler has an option to toggle aging for single Sims. If you toggle aging off and back on for the faulty Sims, they start aging again.
  • Awesome Mod also solves several of the issues.

Further Reading