Incompatible Mods

Missing Special Effects


I can’t see a graphical effect.

List non-conclusive

  • HELS lamp Animations
  • HELS tub bubbles
  • Fish in HELS and digital Aquarium
  • Spirits
  • Red Assassin Bugs
  • Big empty thought bubbles
  • Big Plus/Minus signs
  • Fire
  • Effect machine
  • OLS Waterfalls


This problem is caused by an incompatible Mod.

  • No Mosaic (nomosaic.package)
  • No Mosaic for WA (nomosaicwa.package)
  • No Mosaic for High-End Loft Stuff (NoMosaicHELS.package)
  • No Mosaic for Fast Lane (NoMosaicFL.package)
  • No Mosaic for Ambitions (NoMosaicAMB.package)
  • No Mosaic for Late Night (NoMosaicLN.package)


Remove the mod and clear your cache files.

Get the newest NoMosaic that is compatible to the newest expansion back or try the Decensor by Twallan as alternative. This mod does not need updating with ever EP but it shows the pixels for a very short time.