Cyclic Redundancy Check


I’m getting a CRC error when installing


This problem can have many different causes.

  • Problem with the DVD
  • Problem with the DVD Drive
  • Conflicting Software
    • Paragon NTFS
    • Metakine DVD Remaster
    • Roxio Creator
    • CD emulation software like Alcohol 120%, Nero Image Drive, Clone CD oder Daemon Tools
  • Pausing the download of the game while getting it trough Origin


  • Update your DVD drive firmware
  • Exchange your DVD
  • Clean your Registry with CCleaner
  • Defrag your Computer
  • Turn off your AntiVirus program
  • Copy the contents of the DVD to your desktop and install it from there
  • Download a copy of the game through the Origin and install that. You don’t need to rebuy the game, just enter the serial code of the DVD Version
  • Remove conflicting Software from your Computer
  • If you have problems with the download version, try the following
    • Log in to the Origin.
    • Click on the red x in the upper right part of the Sims 3 download to clear the Origin cache.
    • Redownload The Sims 3; do not pause the download.

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