What is Riverview ?

Riverview is a town like Sunset Valley that you can download for free when you register your base game.

Riverview is a rural town with new characters, new houses, Rabbitholes, objects and clothing

Where can I download Riverview ?

Riverview is available in the Sims 3 Store. You will need to register your game and set up an account.

What objects do I get with the town ?

The world contains the following items

Item List
  • “Contented cow” advertisement
  • Athletic announcement sign
  • Checkered silo
  • City hall
  • County care general hospital
  • Doo pea’s corporate towers
  • Fort salsa military base
  • Leftovers by fax pas furnishings
  • Long water trough
  • Lots lumber by faux pas furnishings
  • No fishing!
  • Not-so-little boxes
  • Overalls with long sleeve shirt – uninstall all of them
  • Riverview
  • Rock of ancients
  • Round water trough
  • Solitude
  • Soil and water research facility
  • Sunflower spa
  • True long community school
  • Water tower with checkered border
  • Wildly western door
  • Ye olde water tower

Can I uninstall items from the world I don’t want ?

Unfortunately you will need to uninstall the town if you don’t want some of the items. They are tied to the world and you will get a message about Dependencies if you try.

Riverview disappeared from my world list.

Patch 1.8/2.3 lead to massive problems with Sims3Packs for a lot of people. Best thing to do is to completely uninstall Riverview and all the items listed above and reinstall it. You can redownload it from the the store any time.

Also delete Riverview from the InstalledWorlds folder in the user directory or else you will have Riverview in the selection menu twice.

Backup your data before doing this.

All my Riverview savegames are gone

Make sure the world itself is still installed and if not reinstall it (see above)