Moodlets don’t go away


(Negative) Moodlet don’t go away (hunted moodlet, Disgusted moodlet etc) although there’s no reason for them


  • Disgusted
    • Check your inventory for spoiled food or garbage
    • Leave the house and go to a community lot. If the moodlet goes away and comes back when you go back to your house, you have something in the house that bothers them. Check your garbage, potties, other Sims and hover over the moodlet to get a clue what might be wrong.
  • Hunted: This moodlet tends to stay although there’s no vampire around anymore.
  • Transformation moodlet from Mood Lamp


Moodlets can be clicked away by entering the cheat testingcheatsenabled true and then ctl-clicking on the moodlet.

If they come back, there really is something that triggers them. It might still be an error but then there’s not much you can do about it.