Patch 1.24

Patch 1.24 is out and has a very long list of bug fixes.

Helpful links

Invalid File Error

Many people get an invalid file error with this patch. You have 3 possibilities:

  • Use the manual mega patch found here: Patch 1.24 (valid for all EPs/regions)
  • Use the Patch Downloader tool by FordGT90Concept
  • If you want to patch through your launcher, you MUST make sure that you have the newest version of Origin/EADM

Mac OS X Lion

Many users seem to have troubles with the new Mac OS and the game. I’m not a mac user and can’t help here, so check any mac/sims forums you know.

A word on mods

  • Twallan’s mods don’t need updating except Woohooer and ErrorTrap. Make sure to get the newest available Version of this mods.
  • Any Core Mods such as Awesome mod or BaXIMs mod need updating
  • Buzzler has updated most of his mods. Check his page at MTS for the newest versions
  • Socializing/Mods that change social interactions need updating.
  • Imaginary friends mods need updating
  • Auto-placement of lots mods need updating.
  • For all other mods, check the creators pages. Don’t use any mods if you aren’t absolutely positive that they work with the update.

A word on Custom Content (CC)

I would recommend to restart downloading any other cc content. A lot of it is old and might not be working ok anymore (this goes for patterns as well as objects). Write down your favorites and make lists where you get the stuff from. Take a picture or think of any other method to organizes your CC. Don’t just download everything you see. KNOW your CC.

A word on bugs

  • Excavation bug is still not fixed
  • Photography freezing is not fixed
  • Kids/teens coming home from boarding school when there’s a prom in town is fixed

A word from me

The Gen patch had a lot of problems, there’s no denying that and it lead to massive Sim corruption. Many big issues people are seeing like missing interactions, blank icons, invisible Sims, missing GUIs and aging that isn’t working any more are not bugs as such. They are symptoms of bugs. They are failures to properly load the game because the game hits an unhandled error.

If you see any of those symptoms or had them before the patch, no patch in the world is going to fix them. You’re savegame is corrupt and that’s how it’s gonna stay.

When you reach this point you have two options

  1. Use the reset to factory method described above and start over. You can save any Sims you like to the bin (progress is retained) or export them from CAS (progress is lost) as well as your houses. Move the mods back you are know is save as well as your Store content (the ones that are fine). Now start over with a brand new game and hope that some of the corruption sources actually got fixed.
  2. Use ErrorTrap and Overwatch to clean up your game and see if it gets any better. If not, do the first option