Patch 1.31

The Showtime patch is now available for everyone. Make sure to take the necessary precautions before you udpate: Showtime, a patch and my page

The Manual Patches can be found here: Game Help:TS3 Patching:Patch Download/Current 

Twallan has already updated his mods. Updated does not mean they are free of issues. If you run into anything, make sure to test without nonetheless.

CAW has been updated. Re-Download to use.

Social Features

For details on the new social features, go here:  Additions to the Game via Sims 3 Patch 1.31


  • Simport is not available with the patch, so no worries there (the code is in the game but you won’t see any of that).
  • The messages ingame seem to be limited to Friend Requests, Answers to posts YOU started (aka Status Updates and ‘private’ conversations) and messages when you completed an achievement and probably Simport Requests if you have Showtime
  • The ingame messages can be turned off completely.
  • On the ingame wall you see almost everything you see in your MyPage but I was getting a delay. I’m also not sure about the stuff that is getting uploaded. It seems you get messages about shared memories but not about stuff that is being uploaded to the exchange. You do see all comments you would also see on your MyPage.
  • The wall is only visible if you actively go there.
  • You can accept, decline and make friend requests from directly within the game
  • You can delete your own comments on the player’s wall. Do your friends a favor and delete the achievement messages as soon as you get them.

Known issues

  •  Instead of your own login name NoXroadsname shows as logged in. Any achievements you do in this states are not being recognized. Please post your details in this thread: NoXroadsname.
  • Opportunities are not being completed
  • Platinum Achievements are not logged.

New files in Documents

The following files/folders were added to the Documents folder

  • socialCache.package
    Probably a cache file that can be deleted and will be recreated like the others
  • New folder with Random Number in Downloads folder
    The folder contains two files: ChallengeData.package and PassportData.package. I would assume they have something to do with the new achievements but I can’t say for sure.

Patch notes

Patch notes are rather scarce (Source: EA):

Exciting new connected features which allow you to:

  • Post and view messages from your friends while playing, without having to leave or even pause the game.
  • Find new friends and add them to your friends list.
  • Access your Player Profile and Wall from the Options Menu
    • Receive status updates from your friends about their game, and comment
    • Achievements—view the badges you’ve earned for those you’ve completed, sort and view those you have yet to complete, and find new achievements, which will be introduced to your game regularly!
    • Edit and view your Player Profile, including your avatar, My Story, and wall posts all about you!
    • Get all of the latest and exciting news from The Sims 3!
  • You can now specify what outfit your Sim will wear to work by using a dresser.
  • When a Service NPC joins the family, their special service outfit is added to the wardrobe.