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MyPage at Official Site

The new MyPage at the official site is now live. Not many people are liking it but there are a few things that have gotten better. Also there are a few things you can do, that are not obvious, so I decided to make this FAQ for everyone.

Privacy Settings

The privacy settings can be found here: Account and Privacy Settings or under My Page (the menu) – My Account – My Account & Settings


You have several options to show your MyPage (I won’t go into the Facebook and Twitter settings).

Possible Options



Everyone is able to see the comments on your page.

My Page Participation

You can decided if you want to limit the ability to add new comments to your friends. Others can still see them but not write any. You can also hide your Studio, your Blog and other stuff from from others than your friends separately.

Friends Only

Only your friends can view and comment on your page


No-one can view or comment on your page.

What is showing ?

You can’t hide your games or your Wishlist. They are publicly visible whatever the settings.

Also you will see the comments your friends make on their page and get recent activity updates from your friends. Those include if someone is liking something, when they upload something and this will also include if they get achievements, once the patch is out.


How can I change my user name

You can’t

How can I change my email address ?

Only customer support can change your email address. You need to contact them.

How do I change my password ?

Your Origin Account and your thesims3.com account are connected (if they share the same email address). Because of this, your password is changed at Origin. Using change password on your account settings will lead you to Origin where you can change your password.

Make sure your password consist of at least one number, one upper case and one lower case letter as well as some special character. Make sure to choose a strong password and don’t use one you use everywhere else. Make it random. Tips can be found around the internet.

Clear your browser caches and log out and back in after doing this.

Why are all those comments showing up ?

As soon as one of your friends posts a Status Update on their own site, you will see this in your page as well. There is no way you can prevent that other than to remove the friend.

There is a way to have a somewhat private (and not spamming) conversation with a friend. Go to their page and make a comment there instead of your own. This will only show up on your myPage page and on your friends you posted on, not on anybody elses. Your friends will get a Recent Activity message that something was posted but not what it was. They can still go to your page and see what it was but it won’t show up in theirs automatically.

Once you made the comment, you’ll be able to comment further on your own page and both your friend and you will see it. This is a little bit like it used to be, only better, since you don’t have to go check back on their page to see if they answered.

What is the best way to use the comments ?

If you don’t want to spam your friends, always post on the wall of the friend you want to talk to. If you have something to say to them all, post a status update on your own page and everyone will see it.

If you use this sparsely, I’m sure, many people will keep you as a friend.

To communicate with your friends if you are offline for awhile (sleeping and eating is a good thing), post a long status update (min of 5 lines).

If you make it long enough a blue link View … shows  up. Clicking on this link, lets you view the whole conversation and answer to it as well. If you do this, your friend can leave you a message here and you will see it when you come back on-line.

Another possibility to read other peoples post without having to go back and forth between the pages is the Recent Activity log.

Everyone of these messages contain 2-3 links: The posters, the person receiving the post and the post itself.  Click on the link Post to get a pop-up window which lets you read and comment the post itself (instead of post you’ll also see status update and comment)

Can I delete or report the comments ?

Deleting is only possible for the comments you made yourself. The others can just be hidden (and only the whole conversation). Removing one of your own comments will remove them for everyone.

When you hover over the upper right corner of the comment you want hidden, you’ll see a gray X. Click on it to Hide or Report the comment.

How can I filter or hide current content on my page ?

The posts on your myPage can be filtered by two criterias: View and Updates. On top of that you can choose to hide posts by certain friends which is good if you don’t want to remove them from your friends list but you also don’t want to see 20 status updates of said friend on the same day.


You can set a filter to only see your all activities, only your own or only those of your friends.



You can choose which kind of posts you want to see: Status, Achievements, Exchange-Uploads, Memories, Movies & Stories, Simport-Reviews and Greeting Cards


You can set each option individually. They are not exclusive.

Hide Friend Activity

To keep a Simmer in your friends list but not see his messages, you can unsubscribe from him. Just click on Subscribe to see their messages again. Your friend won’t get a message about this and will not know that you did this. If your friend writes directly on your myPage, you’ll see that anyways.


Why am I seeing comments from people I don’t even know ?

If you posted a status update on your page, it will be visible on all your friends MyPage. Now everyone that is friends with your friend has the ability to comment in your comment on your friends page.

You’ll also see any comments the friends of your friends made on comments of your friends.

So basically, if you have a non-hidden conversation on your page, you will see all answerers made to that, regardless of the person that made the comment.

Also you can go to any of your friends walls and post in any conversation that shows on their wall, regardless if you even know the person that started the conversation.

And if your friend has set their settings to public altogether, anyone can post in YOUR conversation.

This needs fixing.

Where can I found out what I missed ?

Click on More next to Recent Activities to see all the stuff that was going on with your friends but be warned, if you have lots of friends, you have tons of stuff there.

You can also use this link to go there directly: Activity

Is there a way to distinct the different kinds of comments ?

Comments where someone posts something on your wall or on their own have a green background. Comments someone makes on your wall also have the name of the person that made the comment as well as the name of the owner of the wall the comment was made on.

Post that show if a friend did something, like upload something to the Exchange has a white background and a blue border.

Achievements you or a friend received are orange.

Simport Requests have a red/blue/white striped border (looking like air mail envelopes)

How can I remove the News posts ?

You can’t

What about my stickers, badges and backgrounds ?

Sorry, those can’t be used atm.

What happened to my old comments ?

Those were replaced by this grand new system and can’t be seen anymore

Where can I change my Avatar ?

Go to your profile. There you can choose an avatar of your liking or use one of your uploaded Sims as it was before.


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  • Kit

    I think having the *option* of this showing up in game is a nice idea. But it appears to be mandatory – at least, there seems to be no way to remove it from popping up at me within my game !
    ACK , I don’t play Farmville or any other stupid social media game why would I want this little thing popping up at me in may game without an option to say NO!
    I want a Do Not Call list for these invasive ‘updates’.
    Mark me ‘does not play well with others’ and tell me how to get this out of my in game experience , pretty please ????

    • crin

      You have an option in your Game Options to turn the ingame messages off. On the EA Website, you can’t.

      There’s a new tab in the options and there you can tick an option (don’t know what it’s called atm).

  • Sarah

    Wow, that was a wast of sim pionts, I hate it that they took off the ablility to make our pages different. Now I’m not ganna do anything on it anymore. I wast sim pionts and no one is ganna see why. T.T Bad Sim Web People! Bad, you don’t get the cokie!
    (I know I spelled something wroung, oh well)