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Dragon Valley

What is Dragon Valley ?

Dragon Valley (DV) is a world which you can buy in the Sims 3 Store. The theme is medieval and has baby Dragons.


How do I buy Dragon Valley ?

Dragon Valley can only be bought as part of a Simpoint bundle on thesims3.com. In August 2013 it will also be released retail on DVD and through Origin. There is no option to gift Dragon Valley or buy it with Simpoints.

What’s the difference between the versions ?

Dragon Valley is offered as gold or as standard bundle. The standard bundle costs $25.00 and contains the world, the dragons and other items and 100 SP, the gold bundle cost $35.00 and contains the world, the dragons and other items, the Celtic lands set + 1900 Simpoints. The DVD will only contain the world, the dragons and the items from the standard version

Does the gold version not contain a venue ?

The venue The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire, which contains the premium content Archer’s Gauntlet and a Violin is not part of the gold bundle but with the 1900 Simpoints you get, you can buy the venue.

Which payment options do I have ?

You can either use your credit card, paypal or your EA Account Balance

I live in a country where I can only buy Simpoints through Origin. Is there any way to buy Dragon Valley ?

If you can add funds to your EA account, you should be able to (see above). If not, you need to wait until it comes out retail. It should be buyable through Origin then.

Where do you find my world after buying ?

The world can be download from the world page or your purchase history

Can I buy the premium content on it’s own ?

No, the premium content is part of the world/venue and can’t be bought on it’s own. If you bought the world/venue, you can download and install them separately though. You only need to download one of the Dragons. The files are all the same.

Which dragons exists and what is the difference ?

There’s 4 different dragons: Red dragon, Green dragon, Purple dragon und Armored Black Dragon. Each dragon has a different skill. You can only have one dragon of each color in your inventory at any given time but you can have many of them on your lot. They don’t fly away or die. I don’t think you can sell the dragons.

You have to name them to make sure that they stay on your lot and are not taken by random NPCs. Make sure you don’t have a dragon of the same color already in your inventory or you can’t name them.

Black Dragons are special since you only get them if you have the world and the venue installed.

Where do I get the dragons ?

Dragons hatch from eggs which can be bought for only §395 in pets – misc. There are some already pre-placed in the world as well.

Dragon eggs need around 6 hours to hatch. A sim needs to talk to the egg to start the hatching process. It’s important that you don’t have the egg in your inventory when it’s about to hatch (you’ll get a message) or the dragon can’t be found anywhere afterwards.

The color of dragon you get depends on the topic you choose when talking to the dragon.

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Can I use dragons in other worlds ?

Yes you can. For the black dragons it’s enough to have the venue and the world installed. You don’t need to place the venue or play in Dragon Valley.

Why isn’t the Celtic lands in my purchase history ?

You need to buy the gold version. If you did that, Celtic lands is included in the dragon valley file. Just install that and all will be in your game. The set can also be downloaded separately here: Celtic lands.

EA does not have any plans to offer the set separately.

Is there a festival lot for Dragon Valley ?

Yes, the official Dragon Valley Festival Lot can be downloaded here: Dragon Valley Festival Lot

Any known bugs ?

Do I need to update my mods ?

No, that should not be necessary. Only unofficial StoreFixes need updating.


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