Dying Babies and Toddlers


  • Babies and toddler are always dying in my neighborhood. I do not get a message about it. I just can’t find them.
  • There’s a baby in my family tree but I can’t find it anywhere. It doesn’t age at all.


This is caused by EA StoryProgression

The life of the Sims in your town changes constantly, if you play with activated StoryProgression. They move out, they hook up with each other and they die. There are unnatural deaths but EA included all age groups in those. The only group of Sims that is safe form unnatural deaths are Sims that have co-workers or a boss. Since these are mostly teens and children (class mates) and young adults and adults, the probability that this affects babies and toddlers is a lot higher.

You can read about the death of them in the newspaper.


  • Turn off StoryProgression
  • Play the families until the little ones become children.

Mods, that solve the issue

  • StoryProgression

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