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Can’t upload to the Exchange


  • I want to upload something to my Studio but I get a red crossed out circle as a result. My upload can’t be found on the exchange afterwards.
  • The Launcher says my upload was successful but the I can’t find it in my Studio


  • Avoid special characters in your upload names (colon, semicolon, dots, dashes, ..)
  • Even though you could not upload, the exchange thinks it is  so you can’t upload again with the same name. Re-export your lot and use a new name.Vermeide Namen mit Sonderzeichen (Komma, Strichpunkt, Punkt, Schrägstrich, etc).
  • Try to re-install it to see if that works and then re-export.
  • If the file is big, it could be a time-out. Reduce custom content to make the upload smaller
  • The server is overloaded. Try later.
  • Upload a pattern or another house to see if it’s the house or the Exchange/Account
  • Replace custom content objects with EA objects.
  • Clean out your DCBackup folder (except ccmerged.package) and re-export the house.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the connection to the servers (Firewall & Antivirus(
  • There’s a limit on how much you can upload. If you have a lot, remove some older stuff you don’t need anymore.
  • Check the  sims3launcherlogfile in your user data directory to check on the message.
  • Upload somewhere else
  • Make sure you’re logged in.

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