Invalid or already used Serial Code


  • I tried to register my game on but I get the message that my code is already used/invalid
  • Origin ask me to activate my game but when I try, it tells me my code is used/invalid


Origin-Download Version

  • Your game is automatically registered on if your accounts are connected.
  • You only need to activate your game once. After that you should the game on myGames on the Origin client.

DVD Version

  • 0, D and O and 8 and B and 2 and Z look very similar. Make sure you did not mix them up.


Origin-Download Version

  • If you activated the game on Origin, there is nothing more you need to do. The games should appear in myGames on the Origin client.  Log out and back in on to make the icons show up there.
  • You should get a extra email for your limited edition contents. Here’s instructions how to redeem them: How to redeem the limited edition content
  • If these solutions don’t help and the games don’t appear in myGames on the Origin client or on your myPage, you need to contact customer support.

DVD Version

  • If you are sure that you have entered the code correctly, get in touch with customer support or try to exchange your disc at the place where you bought it.

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